Comprehensive and practical support which can be tailored to your individual school needs.


Delivered in partnership with a specialist support service, Health & Wellbeing in Schools, the S4S School Health & Wellbeing Service offers a broad range of high-quality specialist support around the health and wellbeing practice of schools, particularly in relation to Personal, Social, Health & Economic education (PSHEe). The service is designed to empower and support your school’s delivery of best practice in PSHE education and whole-school approaches to promoting pupil health and wellbeing, especially around priorities such as statutory RSHE (Relationships, Sex & Health Education). This is achieved through a combination of consultancy advice, professional development and curriculum development to suit your individual school.

The School Health & Wellbeing Service helps schools to meet related statutory/non-statutory expectations placed upon them by the DfE and also enables schools to evidence meaningful links to Ofsted expectations, such as those within Personal Development, and other school improvement priorities related to health and wellbeing.

We are passionate about supporting schools, professionals and young people. Fundamentally, we know that a whole-school approach to improving the personal development, health and wellbeing of your school community will have a positive impact on wider school improvement and mean improved outcomes for children and young people. We can offer you the additional capacity and expertise to help you achieve this.

  • Specialist support on driving improvement in PSHE education and health and wellbeing provision from a dedicated advisor allocated to your school
  • High-quality advice, guidance and consultancy support to senior leadership teams, governing bodies and teachers around PSHEe themes
  • Advice on effective PSHEe planning and coordination, including guidance on appropriate curriculum materials and resources to enable schools to offer a comprehensive and broad programme
  • Ensure best practice on statutory and non-statutory policies within PSHEe-related themes
  • High-quality professional development opportunities covering the breadth of PSHEe to improve staff knowledge and confidence in delivery
  • Support around new and emerging priorities and national strategies, such as statutory Relationships Education, Sex Education and Health Education from September 2020

Our services are designed to offer comprehensive and practical support which can be tailored to your individual school needs. If you would like to talk through any specific requirements to find out which of our support packages is best suited to you, please contact us for a free consultation.

You can view our current Service Offer here:

Russell Stanley
Health & Wellbeing in Schools - PSHE Education Consultancy


Meet our Expert - Russell Stanley



Russell has extensive experience of working in and with schools, firstly as a primary school teacher, and then in a variety of advisory and managerial roles related to Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) education within both Education and Public Health departments for a Local Authority.
Russell is incredibly passionate about PSHE and the unique difference that this vital subject can make to the lives of children and young people.

Service Bulletins

The S4S School Health & Wellbeing Service produces a free half-termly bulletin for schools.  These bulletins aim to give useful updates and topical information from across the field of PSHE education, as well as signposting to relevant resources, services and support that is available to colleagues.  You can access the most recent edition and previous bulletins below.